Order's Up

The Order's Up Collective started when a group of service industry folks, concerned community members and anti-violence advocates come together to start to address sexual intimidation, harassment and assault in the services and hospitality industry.  The goal of the collective is to support in building a grassroots movement of accountability.  Together we know that our voices can be stronger. 

What is harassment?


We wanted to go beyond headlines, shaming and blaming, and focus on solutions to the everyday experiences of sexual harassment and gender-based violence that plague food service workers. 

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The intent for this anonymous reporting form is to create a tool for people to have a way to report experiences of sexual intimidation, harassment and assault and prevention practices that are working in their place of work. It is a way to break the culture of silence around this form of violence.  


If you find yourself on this page and you are looking for individual counselling or advocacy please follow the resource button below.

What will happen after you report?  The report will go to the Order's Up collective with the intention of providing greater voice to this issue.  Creating a  movement is about joining together, and this is one way to make this happen. 



Owners, it is time to listen to your employees.  It is time to post policies and give trainings. Let us support you!


Are you a food writer or blogger? You can make change. Ask if people have sexual violence prevention policies, and give attention to those who do. Time to stop rewarding 'bad behaviour'.

Tweet about it

Bring awareness to this issue by sharing resources & ways in which people are speaking out about sexual violence in the services and hospitality industry. #ordersup

Talk to someone

Being able to take to folks at various establishments or community advocates can make a change.  


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