Our Findings

We wanted to go beyond headlines, shaming and blaming, and focus on solutions to the everyday experiences of sexual harassment and gender-based violence that plague service workers. We sought input from our community, both staff and owners, and this is what we found out:

  • One of the major contributing factors to this issue in the hospitality industry is the normalization of sexualized violence

  • Managers of restaurants want to do something, but don't feel supported for the "how"

  • This is a business based on reputation, most people don't feel comfortable taking risking that

  • The precarious nature of the work make reporting difficult, inaccessible, and risky

How do we make change?

  • Bad behaviors need to be called out, that's where allyship is helpful

  • Access to supports that already exists

  • Respect people's anonymity and boundaries

  • Change the response from "That's how it is in my job", to "That's not okay in this job."

  • Provide staff and management with the training they require for prevention

Together, we can start by doing the following:

  • Believing employees when they disclose or report harassment

  • Create a statement of principles or values that support an equitable work environment

  • Start training staff and management on harassment and sexual violence